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Another CAG Creation

The Earthquake and Weather Station

Seismic Information

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)


University of Edinburgh Seismic Information

Recent Global Seismic Activity

Tsunami Center


Compare ShakeMap with ABAG Shaking Scenario Maps

Interactive (GIS) Map Showing Shaking Potential

Interactive (GIS) Maps for Future Earthquake Scenarios

USGS Recent Seismic Activity

Mount Saint Helens Information:
Here and Here.
Canadian Seismicity:
Here and Here.



Earthquake Information Sources

 * Earthquake Information, Images, and Maps *

Interactive Scenario, Location and Linked Information Servers

  • Interactive San Francisco Bay Area Fault Hazard Map

  • To view an earthquake hazard map, choose a fault from the list below, then click on your city on the next screen and "View Map"
    Northern Calaveras Fault Concord-Green Valley Fault Greenville Fault Entire Hayward Fault North Hayward Fault South Hayward Fault Healdsburg-Rodgers Creek Fault Maacama Fault Monte Vista Fault San Andreas-Peninsula Fault


  • Interactive XEROX PARC Global Location Viewer - Pinpoint the quake's location
  • Interactive Geographic Server - Linked to XEROX PARC
  • Other RECENT Seismic Information - Linked to XEROX PARC
  • General Earth Information - University of Maryland

    Includes Weather and Earthquake Information

    University of Maryland's EarthCast

    Earthquake Information Sources

    Earthquake Information, Images, Maps and Scenarios

  • Interactive XEROX PARC Global Location Viewer - Pinpoint the quake's location
  • Interactive Geographic Server - Linked to XEROX PARC
  • Other RECENT Seismic Information - Linked to XEROX PARC

    The SOUND of an earthquake - 1992 Landers Quake 7.3 at 80 times normal speed

  •  * Earthquake - Finger/Gopher Sites

    U.S. Geological Survey

    Recent California Large Metropolitan Area Seismicity
    Los Angeles Area

    San Francisco Area

    Other Pacific Regions:

    Hawaii (Big Island) Region

    Finger Servers
    A network of finger accounts allows access to the current movement. While the world covers everything, the individual networks will provide data for smaller earthquakes in their area and may have more accurate locations and magnitudes. These lists of earthquakes come from various networks that are part of the Council of the National Seismic System. To see the list of the earthquakes in each area, click on that area:

  • MOST RECENT - Northern California
  • MOST RECENT - Southern California
  • MOST RECENT - Worldwide OVER 2.0 Magnitude
  • Alaska
  • Nevada
  • Utah and Yellowstone
  • Washington and Oregon
  • Hawaii (the big island)

     * Earthquake - Web Sites

  • Northern California Earthquake Data Center Home Page
  • Indiana State University - RECENT SEISMIC ACTIVITY
  • National Earthquake Information Center Quick Epicenter Determination Report
  • RECORD OF THE DAY - Cal Tech
  • Seismological Laboratory - Cal Tech
  • Surfing the Internet for Earthquake Data
  • Humbolt State

     * Other Images and Information

  • MSEN USA - Kobe Information and Images
  • JAPAN - Kobe Images - Kyoto University
  • JAPAN - Kobe Disaster Images and News
  • YAHOO Earthquake Disaster site
  • Northridge Earthquake 3D simulations - MPG, SOUND

     * CALTECH Record of the Day

    Largest Recent Earthquake
    Click here to access seismogram for location, magnitude, depth and time

    Location fix | Detail map

  • Earthquakes - USENET News

  • California Earthquake Information - USENET Newsgroups
  • General Discussion - USENET Newsgroups
  • Scientific Discussion - USENET Newsgroups

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